Follow Me and revere Me for I will come suddenly and unexpectedly.  Keep My commands and obey Me; serve and hold fast to Me.   Your only aim should be to finish the race and complete the task I have given you—the task of testifying to the good news of My grace.  I only have to stretch… Read More

I will be with you as I was with your ancestors and I will never leave or forsake you.  I will turn your heart to Me to walk in obedience and uphold your cause as I walk with you day and night.   It is imperative that you distinguish yourself by your obedience to My teaching… Read More

There is no government anywhere in the world that I have not placed in power.  So those who refuse to obey the laws of the land are refusing to obey Me, and punishment will follow.  For the policeman does not frighten people who are doing right; but those doing evil will always fear him. So if you… Read More

Seek My face and My presence, and My glory will be manifested in your life.  I Am making it easy for you to reach your full potential.    When My glory is manifested, the potential of My power will also be released through you.  It is My power that brings you to salvation, sets free those… Read More

  I Am the Lord! That is My name, and I will not give My glory to anyone else; I will not share My praise with carved idols.   Every moment is an opportunity to increase order in your life and the lives of those around you.   Don’t use bad language. Say only what is good… Read More

AS THE DAY BEGINS FEBRUARY 8, 2018   “Happiness is the fragrance of an obedient life”. I Am good and glad to teach the proper path to all who go astray, and I will teach the ways that are right and best to those who humbly turn to Me.  I have a reward system for those… Read More

The precise arrangement of all things starts with order – the accurate arrangement of all things. Follow only what is good. Remember that those who do what is right prove that they are My children; and those who continue in evil prove that they are far from Me.  I Am ready to overlook your youthful… Read More

Beloved, I Am God who is in heaven and I rule over all of the kingdoms of the nations. My hands are strong and powerful; No one can fight against Me and win.  You will have to fight the good fight of faith but even in the midst of fights, tests, trials, disappointments, and even… Read More

I chose you long ago and knew you would become My child. My Holy Spirit has been at work in your heart, cleansing you to holiness and making you to please Me.  It is My boundless mercy that has given you the privilege of being born again so that you are now members of My own family… Read More

I Am God. I’ve always been God and I always will be God.  My commandments are moral absolutes and are non-negotiable. I do not have to justify them or explain them to anyone. I spoke out of the abundance of my heart to the universe and reflected My heart. These instructions are not mere suggestions… Read More